Ahoy, intrepid traveler! What a coincidence to find you at this magical crossroads!

I am here to extend an invitation of epic proportions
  • Join me in an adventure of lands uncharted, riddles unsolved, and cyber beasts untamed.
  • Our quest: to cast away the dark cyber shadows that threaten our world.
  • I am in need of scholars of arcane arts, blue, red, and gray sorcerers, frontline cyber warriors, visionnaire CISOs (because we need those guys too), and seekers of planetary enlightenment.
  • Unite with us in this odyssey, for destiny beckons, and legends await. Will you heed the call and become a part of this heroic saga?
  • The Tales of a Cyberscount is an artisanal and thought-provoking publication featuring my research in the fields of active cyber defence, threat hunting, cyber deception, adversarial emulation, and threat intelligence.
  • A new article is released every two to three weeks, with valuable insights into the transient fluctuations of reality in the cybersphere.
  • You will receive highly resonant information that will help you transform your patterns of work and thought.
  • Access to the soon-to-be Cyberscout Active Defence community.
this is what my 13-year-old, Dungeons & Dragons player imagines we look like ;)